Services for organisations


Stoutzker Fundraising Partnership offers services that support:


                         The aims and values of your organisation

         •               Philanthropic relationships that are productive and sustainable

         •               Systems and processes that maximise fundraising potential

         •               Organisation wide engagement with philanthropy 




Fundraising audits and strategic reviews – to assess what works, what doesn’t and why. Across all sectors of your fundraising activity or focus on specific aspects that are under-performing or not reaching potential –critical to increasing fundraising effectiveness in an extremely competitive environment


Feasibility studies – eliciting honest and constructive feedback to your ambitious plans requires objective and professional consultation; launching capital campaigns or accessing new sources of support require an investment of time, finance and expertise. To minimize risk and maximize return, evaluation of internal and external factors that affect success are critical to planning any new fundraising endeavour.  


Fundraising integrated with business planning - Stoutzker Fundraising Partnership works with clients to fully develop the role of fundraising within business planning to ensure fundraising can serve the needs of the organisation effectively.


Practical Support


Interim offers hands on guidance for those clients, teams or individuals in need of additional expertise and fundraising skills during a period of recruitment, review or expansion 


Strategy implementation – the period following strategic recommendations are often very challenging. Stoutzker Fundraising Partnership bridges the gap for clients to support the implementation of an agreed fundraising strategy


Recruitment and mentoring having the right resources in place is critical to a success fundraising team, whatever the size. Melanie can support clients with the recruitment process from reviewing staff and team structures, developing job descriptions and SMART objectives, interviewing and on-going mentoring.